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this is my homepage. I am bookwriter since 26 years, I write my pagan books under the pseudonyme "Géza von Neményi", my other books under my real name "Baron Árpád von Nahodyl Neményi".

My books are published in German, my book "Sacred Runes" is in Russian language, too. I am looking for publishers to print my books in the United States of America. If You are a publisher, please contact me here: allsherjargode (at)

I am allsherjargothi (highest priest) of the traditional Ásatrú-Religion in Germany since 1991.

The following pictures show the covers of all books I wrote. If You click on them You get more informations, but only in German. A short summary of informations in English You can find further down the site.












































These books are a series of volumes related to one another  whereby each book is in itself complete and independent. This series is called "Altheidnische Schriften" ("Ancient Pagan Writings"). It would be preferable to publish the translations in the same manner and through the same publisher. All the books have so far appeared only in German, with the exception of the book dealing with runes, which has also been published in Russian by the Veligor Publishing Company.

The books deal with Paganism; the religion which was common in middle and northern Europe before Christianity was introduced. Specifically, the nature religion today known as "Ásatrú" (the belief in the Aesir – deities) or "Forn Sidr" (Old Custom) is revealed. This religion is officially recognized by the governments of Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. It has an important meaning for North America as well, since that continent was discovered by Vikings; and Viking settlements in North America have been verified by archaeologists. A large portion of immigrants to the USA stems from Great Britain or Germany; that is, from Germanic countries. Therefore, most of the inhabitants of the USA have their oldest spiritual roots in the culture described in these books.

Baron Géza-Árpád von Nahodyl Neményi (born 1958) is the Allsherjargode (highest priest) of Germanic Ancient Paganism in Germany. He has researched and practiced the pre-Christian religion of the Germanic peoples since 1983. He has earned degrees in German language and literature studies, Swedish language and literature studies; as well as in graphics. The works are based on epoch-independent reconstructions of the ancient religion – not limited to mere outward views, but rather also take esoteric connotations into consideration.


Götter, Mythen, Jahresfeste – Heidnische Naturreligion
(Gods, Myths, Annual Celebrations – Pagan Nature Religions)

This book first appeared in 1988 under the title "Heidnische Naurreligionen" (Pagan Nature Religions). It presents a thorough description of the religion of the Germanic peoples. The deities are presented, as well as the myths, laws and customs, sacred sites, priesthood, concepts of the afterlife and belief in spirits. The eight celebrations of the annual cycle and those of the life cycle with descriptions of their myths and customs are treated. Hence, this book is an important introduction to the religion of our ancestors. Published by Kersken-Canbaz Verlag,  2004, 284 pages, 40 illustrations, ISBN 3-89423-125-4, (price 24.90 Euros). Copyright: KC-Verlag, Holdenstedt: Sigrid Kersten-Cambaz,


Die Wurzeln von Weihnacht und Ostern - Heidnische Feste und Bräuche
(The Roots of Christmas and Easter - Pagan Celebrations and Customs)

In "Götter, Mythen, Jahresfeste", the celebrations were only briefly described. In this book our well-known celebrations are presented in connection with their pagan origins through accretion of ancient sources and traditions. Celebrations such as Christmas, Shrove Tuesday, Easter, Mayday, etc., originated from the ancient celebrations of our ancestors and were merely perfunctorily altered by Christian tradition. At the same time, the book is a guide to learning how to understand and celebrate them in their original connotations. Publisher: Kersken-Canbaz Verlag,, 2006. 275 pages, 62 illustrations, ISBN  3-89423-132-7 (24.80 Euros). Copyright: KC-Verlag, Holdenstedt: Sigrid Kersten-Cambaz,


Heilige Runen - Zauberzeichen des Nordens
(Sacred Runes – Magical Symbols of the North)

for more information about this book in English please click here.

Runes, the Germanic magical symbols, are more widely known today than the ancient Pagan religion from whence they come. Here they are interpreted with the aid of nearly all historical sources and followed back to their Indo-Germanic roots. The book contains the traditional rune songs, rune myths, tables with the names of runes according to medieval writings, rune scripts (i.e. rune stones), rune spells, rune casting, and secret runes. The abundance of sources makes it essential to everyone interested in runes. Publisher: Heyne, 2003, 2. edition Ullstein 2004, 460 pages, 99 illustrations, ISBN 3-453-86457-3 (11.95 Euros). (Russian translation Veligor Publishing House, Moscow 2005, 384 pages, ISBN 5-88875-046-8). Copyright: Ullstein, Berlin.


Kommentar zu den Götterliedern der Edda - Teil 1, Die Odinslieder
(Commentary on the Deity Songs of the Edda – Part 1, the Odin songs)

The Edda, the Old Nordic collection of deity myths, is gathered here in a new translation and interpretation based on the pagan religious background: history and meaning of the elder and younger Edda; including a singly translated and interpreted version of the Völuspá, as well as the five Odin Songs (Grímnismál, Váfþrúðnismál, Hrafnagaldr, Vegtamsqviða and Hávamál). It is the only Edda-commentary on these songs available at the present time.  Kersken-Canbaz-Verlag 2008, 250 Pages, 20 illustrations, some in color, ISBN 978-3-89423-133-0 (29,80 Euros). Copyright: KC-Verlag Holdenstedt, Sigrid Kersken-Canbaz,


Kommentar zu den Götterliedern der Edda - Teil 2, Die Thorslieder
(Commentary on the deity Songs of the Edda – Part 2, The Thor Songs)

This is volume 2 of the 3 volume series. The Songs in which Thor – the deity after which our Thursday was named – are placed in the foreground here: single translations and interpretations of the five Thor songs (Hárbarðzljóð, Hymisqviða, Lókasenna, Þrymsqviða, Alvíssmál). Kersken-Canbaz-Verlag 2012, 150 pages, illustrations, some in color, ISBN 978-3-89423-134-7 (22,80 Euros). Copyright: KC-Verlag Holdenstedt, Sigrid Kersken-Canbaz,


Kommentar zu den Götterliedern der Edda - Teil 3, Die Vanenlieder
(Commentary on the deity Songs of the Edda – Part 3, The Vanir Songs)

Treats the remaining five Deity songs and includes an appendix of further deity songs; as well as a registry for all 3 volumes. Kersken-Canbaz Verlag, 2014, 221 pages, 11 illustrations, some in color, ISBN 978-3-89423-136-1 (27,80 Euros). Copyright: KC-Verlag Holdenstedt, Sigrid Kersken-Canbaz,


Lieder der Vorzeit – Uralte Götterlieder, Heldenlieder und alte Volkslieder
(Songs of Antiquity – Ancient Deity Songs, Heroic Ballads and Old Folk Songs)

A pagan songbook with musical notation. Melodies of the Edda, heroic ballads, songs on the myths and annual celebrations. Many songs from northern Europe or the Balkans, newly translated by the author. Hardbound, 392 pages, b/w text vignettes, set to musical notation as laser printer hardcopy. Books On Demand 2014. ISBN 978-3-8482-6853-5 (39.80 Euros). Copyright: Géza von Neményi, allsherjargode (at)


Die Sprache der Vögel - Deutung von Angang, Flug und Stimme der Vögel
(The language of the Birds - The Meaning of Seeing, Singing and Flying of the Birds)

This book shows what it means to us and our life if we see a bird flying or singing. Kersken-Canbaz-Verlag 2014, 161 Pages, 60 pictures, ISBN 978-3-89423-137-8 (13,80 Euros). Copyright: KC-Verlag Holdenstedt, Sigrid Kersken-Canbaz,


Das geistige und materielle Weltbild - Wie sich das ganzheitliche spirituelle Weltbild vom Weltbild des Materialismus unterscheidet.
(The spiritual and material worldview - How does the holistic spiritual worldview from the worldview of materialism differs.)

For all people who lives in the materialistic world I bring arguments that shows that this materialistic world isn't all that exists. Books on Demand, 2015, 128 pages, 22 illustrations, ISBN 978-3-7347-7323-5 (6,80 €). Copyright: Baron Árpád von Nahodyl Neményi, allsherjargode (at)


Der Ursprung biblischer Mythen
(The Origins of Biblical Myths)

The pagan precursors of the myths which later appeared in the Bible are introduced in this book. The Bible is therefore revealed as a compilation of ancient pagan beliefs and myths.
388 pages, 52 b/w illustrations. Books on Demand 2015, 388 Pages, 52 pictures, ISBN 978-3-7347-7522-2 (16,80 Euros). Copyright: Baron Árpád von Nahodyl Neményi, allsherjargode (at)


Was unsere Märchen bedeuten – Deutung der bekanntesten Märchen aus der Sammlung der Gebrüder Grimm
(What Our Fairy Tales Mean – an Interpretation of the Best-known Tales from the Collection of the Brothers Grimm)

It is a little known fact that various deities are hidden behind the identities of persons depicted in fairy tales. Some of the most well-known fairy tales are not only traced back to their origins, but also interpreted here: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, and many others.
472 Pages, 96 b/w illustrations. Books on Demand 2015, ISBN 978-3-7347-9796-5 (16,80 €) Copyright: Baron Árpád von Nahodyl Neményi, allsherjargode (at)


Zukunftsschau mit Runen (Futureseeing with Runes)
Kersken-Canbaz-Verlag, 2015, 66 pages, 9 illustrations, ISBN 978-389423-139-2 (9,95 €) Copyright: KC-Verlag Holdenstedt, Sigrid Kersken-Canbaz,

Zukunftsschau mit Spielkarten, (Futureseeing with Playing-cards)
Kersken-Canbaz-Verlag, 2015, 70 pages, 17 illustrations, ISBN 978-389423-138-5 (9,95 €), Copyright: KC-Verlag Holdenstedt, Sigrid Kersken-Canbaz,

Zukunftsschau mit Tarotkarten, (Futureseeing with Tarot-cards)
Kersken-Canbaz-Verlag, 2015, 72 pages, 12 illustrations, some in color, ISBN 978-389423-140-8 (9,95 €). Copyright: KC-Verlag Holdenstedt, Sigrid Kersken-Canbaz,

Zukunftsschau aus dem Namen, (Futureseeing from the names)
Kersken-Canbaz-Verlag, 2015, 91 pages, illustrations, ISBN 978-389423-141-5 (9,95 €). Copyright: KC-Verlag Holdenstedt, Sigrid Kersken-Canbaz,

Zukunftsschau mit Würfeln, (Futureseeing with Dices)
Kersken-Canbaz-Verlag, 2016, 90 pages, illustrations, ISBN 978-389423-142-2 (9,95 €). Copyright: KC-Verlag Holdenstedt, Sigrid Kersken-Canbaz,


Der Slawen-Mythos - Wie aus Ostgermanen ein Volk der "Slawen" mit fremder Sprache und Mythologie wurde.
(The Slav-Myth - How Easter Germanic tribes changed to "Slavs" with other language and mythology)

Verlag Books on Demand, Norderstedt 2015, 210 pages, 36 illustrations, ISBN 978-37386-3786-1, 12,80 €, as E-Book available, too.


Adel im Fläming. Hundert Familien, die Geschichte und Kultur des Flämings maßgeblich gestaltet und geprägt haben.
(Noble families in the Fläming-Region. 100 families which formed the history and culture)

Telesma-Verlag Treuenbrietzen 2015. 157 S., 2 pictures., 103 court of arms-illustrations, hardcover, ISBN 3-944064-54-2.18,– €

Kultstätten im Fläming. Vorzeitliche Heiligtümer, Hexen- und Blocksberge, Opfersteine, Quellen, Spukschlösser und Sagenorte. (Holy Places in the Fläming-Region).

Telesma-Verlag Treuenbrietzen 2015. 171 S., 93 mostly colored pictures, 25 maps. ISBN 3-944064-55-0. Hardcover, 24,


Goden - Die heidnischen Priester der Germanen. (Gothar - the pagan priests of the germanic tribes).

Verlag Books on Demand, Norderstedt 2016. 160 pages, 54 mostly colored pictures, ISBN 978-3-7322-8352-1.  (12,80  €), as E-Book available, too.


Charlotte - Eine Liebe in Berlin (Charlotte - A Love in Berlin)

A true story. Verlag Books on Demand, Norderstedt 2016. 136 S., 10 colored pictures, ISBN 978-3-7412-5546-5, (12,80  €), no longer available.


Kommentar zur Jüngeren Edda
(Commentary of the Younger Edda)

This is part 4 of the Edda-Commentary, it is about the Younger Edda of Snorri Sturluson, the most important description of the old germanic mythology.
Books on Demand, Norderstedt 2017. 280 pages, 23 pictures, (18 in color), Paperback, ISBN 978-3-7431-8114-4,
(19,80  €).


Quellen zum germanischen Heidentum
(Historical sources to the germanic paganism)

This book has only the historical sources to the germanic paganism in german translation, no commentarys. Books on Demand, Norderstedt 2017. 280 pages, 22 pictures (19 of them in color), Paperback, ISBN 978-3-7431-9357-4, (18,90  €).


Kultstätten in Berlin - Altheidnische Heiligtümer, Opfersteine, Blocksberge und Kultplätze
(Holy places in Berlin - old-pagan holyplaces, offering stones, witch-hills and ritual-places)

Books on Demand, Norderstedt 2017. 252 pages, 70 pictures, (57 in color), maps to find the places. Paperback, ISBN 978-3-7448-1319-8, (24,-  €).


Die Jüngere Edda - Altnordisch und deutsch
(The Younger Edda, oldnorse and german)

Books on Demand,  Norderstedt 2017. 188 pages,  Paperback, ISBN 978-3-7448-9974-1, (14,80  €),


Götterlieder der Edda - Altnordisch und deutsch
(Gods poems of the Edda, oldnorse and german)

Books on Demand, Norderstedt 2017. 316 S.,  Paperback, ISBN 978-3-7448-1008-1, (16,80  €)


Ahnenliste Buschkamp-Nahodyl
(List of Ancestors of the family Buschkamp and Nahodyl)

This book is only for members of the familiy Buschkamp and the family Nahodyl.